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Research Entry 018 / Space

Thanks to a reader's email this week, I have new info and source material, with which I've revised the LEGO Space entry.

In my original entry, I had inaccurately attributed the design credit for the Space logo to LEGO designer Jens Nygaard Knudsen. In fact, it was another designer on his team that created the logo.

In an article that appeared in Brick Journal No.6, “The Truth About Space!,” Jens Nygaard Knudsen is quoted as saying, “The Space logo was made by Hjalmar Nielsen, his first version had a lot of stars around it too, and was beautiful, but this was considered too flashy so the stars were removed!”

That bit of info required an update to the credits, and the fact that there were originally stars around the logo merited a note in the Analysis: Design and Inspiration section as well. And since the Brick Journal article may not be easily discoverable online, I've added it as a PDF in the Downloads section of the entry's footer. It's really worth a full read to learn even more details about the Space theme's origins, and to see photos of some of the designs we almost got, that went back in the drawers at LEGO.

A big thanks to Francesco Spreafico for the help here!

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